Strategy Consulting

With PSS, you receive the strategy and consulting support you need to achieve your business goals.

service1Whether you need to develop a corporate direction, unify your business ventures, plan for future profitability, or evaluate industry influences, identify and implement the right strategy with us.

Using an array of analytic and research-based approaches, we work with you to gather the information and develop the steps you need to move your business forward.

With successful projects completed in fields as diverse as healthcare, retail, and IT, we have the experience needed to provide top-tier strategy consulting services for any of your business ventures.

Some of our strategy consulting services include the following:

  • Corporate and Business Unit Strategy

    Develop overall corporate direction with our corporate strategy services. We work with you to evaluate market opportunities, identify current and future capabilities for your business, and build a cohesive management vision. Additionally, we work with you to identify approaches that will streamline your current business and allow you to expand into new market opportunities in the future.

    As a company with multiple businesses, you can also use our services to develop individual strategies for each business unit and then integrate those strategies into an overall corporate vision. We coordinate the unique products and services offered by each of your business units, while identifying the areas where your business units can work together to enhance your overall corporate profitability.

  • Market Opportunity Assessment

    Identify opportunities to grow your revenue and expand your business within the marketplace with our market opportunity assessment services. We examine your competitors and gather other information in order to innovate new methods for growing your business. In particular, we work with you to identify the areas that require more focus, establish a plan to allocate resources to these areas, and develop a system for prioritizing efforts to make them more efficient and productive in meeting your business goals.

    In addition, we help you to identify industry dynamics that could affect your business. Once these dynamics are identified, we work with you to prioritize the likelihood of each dynamic impacting your business, and we determine appropriate response models based on the financial impact of these dynamics and based on your business’ current capabilities.


    Most management teams are spending significant time assessing the changing competitive dynamics and customer interest in shifting interactions from personal interactions to digital channels. PSS helps management teams develop and implement digitally-enabled strategies designed to propel the business forward. We focus on making “actionable recommendations” to help clients prioritize IT and other investments to support digital strategies.

    Once we have developed a clear consensus as to what will be needed to remain competitive given the changing market dynamics, we help clients develop multi-channel strategies that integrate with traditional promotional and distribution channels, including:

    − Developing and implementing digital strategoes
    − Transforming organization to support digital execution
    − Leveraging data-driven analytics to enable digital strategy
    − Multi-channel sales, marketing & customer engagement (integrating traditional channels, web, mobile and social media)

  • Innovation Management

    Improve your ability to innovate and to incorporate these innovations in your commercial products with our innovation management services. We draw on our extensive experience in a variety of industries to develop and implement programs that create new products and/or improve on existing products. With our support, you can expect to benefit from the following proven methodologies:

    − Innovation Portfolio Strategy & Roadmaps
    − Alliance/Partnership Strategy & Alliance Management
    − Scenario Planning Linked to Alternative Potential Futures
    − Creating Standalone Innovation Groups
    − Improving Integration with Other Functions
    − Facilitating Management Discussions (e.g., Innovation Workshops and Structured Concept Ideation Sessions)
    − Commercializing Innovations

    The result will be creative, effective, and profitable changes to both new and existing products