Corporate Development

With PSS, you receive the strategy and consulting support you need to achieve your business goals.

service2Use our vast experience and industry experts to easily and profitably strategize and implement mergers and acquisitions or to divest yourself of business assets you no longer need.

Our services leverage the best minds in your industry, cutting edge research methods, rigorous analytics, and intelligent growth strategies to help you achieve your M&A and divestment goals.

Whether you have a target acquisition in mind, want to develop a growth strategy for the future, or desire to get rid of assets that no longer serve your business, we can help you to do so intelligently, successfully, and profitably.

  • M&A Opportunity Identification and Evaluation

    Identify the value of potential acquisitions and mergers through our M&A opportunity identification and evaluation services. We carefully evaluate the profitability of specific target companies using a vast array of industry experts and a forward-thinking valuation process. As a result, you can approach the merger or acquisition knowing that it will be profitable for you both in the short-term and throughout any long-term changes in your industry and business.

    In addition, we can work with you to develop a long-term growth strategy that incorporates mergers and acquisitions. This comprehensive strategy will look at not only mergers and acquisitions but also new product development, the expansion of your current products, strategic partnerships and more. The result will be a plan that incorporates every possible avenue for maximum growth.

  • Strategic Partnership Assessment and Execution

    Identify and forge strategic partnerships with our strategic partnership assessment and execution services. Whether you have a partnership in mind or want to make plans for the future, we can help you to evaluate the desirability of these partnerships and pinpoint the ones that will most benefit your business.

    We leverage a rigorous qualitative and quantitative methodology to prioritize potential expansion initiatives based on their relative impact on your profitability. With wide ranging expertise in an array of industries, as well as access to leading methodologies and analytics strategies, we can help you to pinpoint exactly how to expand your business profitably through partnerships.

  • Post-Merger Integration

    Once you choose to move forward with a merger or acquisition, we can assist you in completing the integration. In particular, we assist your management teams by providing seasoned counsel and by supplementing your internal capabilities with the guidance of professionals who possess relevant experience.

    We can also assist you in determining what changes need to be made to successfully complete the integration and in strategically implementing those changes. We can help you to set benchmarks for the integration and we address organization design issues. These issues might include retention, training, management review harmonization, and change management programs. We evaluate opportunities for you to enhance your company’s capabilities and bolster key leadership, while coordinating and executing specific aspects of your integration programs.