Commercialization Services

With PSS, you receive the strategy and consulting support you need to achieve your business goals.

service3From identifying the most profitable segments of your customer base to identifying the best strategies for bringing a new product to market, achieve and exceed your commercialization goals with our commercialization services.

We use rigorous analytical methods, financial assessments and recommendations, proven market research techniques, and your own institutional knowledge to create recommendations and strategies that will benefit your commercial efforts. With dozens of similar projects completed and more than a decade of experience in this field, we can offer you the highest level of expertise in meeting your commercialization needs.

  • New Product Launch

    Pinpoint the optimal pricing for your new products and develop a profitable marketing strategy with our new product launch services. We offer you data-driven analytical methodologies that test pricing sensitivities across multiple customer segments. This approach allows you to identify the pricing that will earn you the most profit over the long term.

    In addition, use our services to create marketing strategies designed to maximize overall sales. We help you achieve these sales by targeting the customers who provide the greatest opportunities for sales. We can also help enhance your brand image and optimize allocation of your marketing resources. Our data-driven primary and secondary market research enables us to offer you reliable, accurate, and profitable information as you launch your new product into the market.

  • Customer Retention and Loyalty

    Gain greater insight into your customers and their decision making processes through our customer retention and loyalty services. We use data-driven primary and secondary market research techniques along with your existing client research to learn more about how your customers think and make decisions. We then create actionable recommendations that will result in increased sales or retention of clients.

    We also help you to build customer loyalty by helping you to understand changes in customer migration and how to deal with a constantly changing competitive environment. We utilize analytical research approaches to identify key drivers for downward customer migration as well as to identify the portions of your customer base that offer the highest value. As a result of our research, we provide you with recommended programs and approaches that will increase customer loyalty and your company’s profitability.

  • Pricing Strategy and Optimization

    Identify the prices that will deliver the most sales and profit through our pricing strategy and optimization services. By using carefully-selected analytical methodologies to complete data-driven analyses, we help refine current prices by market and implement optimal discounting strategies across products and markets to optimize profits.

    Our project teams can also leverage our strategic and tactical approaches to optimize the efforts of your sales teams and marketing staff. By helping you to understand your customer needs and your organizational capabilities, we can help you to identify the most profitable pricing approach. We also utilize quantitative and qualitative analysis to examine all of your customer segments and all of the factors that go into the pricing decision making process.