Corporate Strategy

PSS helps to develop overall corporate direction to best position the company for success based on market opportunities, current and future capabilities and management vision. Additionally, PSS works with clients to identify approaches to streamline current business or expand into new market opportunities.

Business Strategy

PSS assists companies with multiple business units in developing individual strategies that are integrated into an overall corporate vision. PSS coordinates the unique products and services provided by each business unit, while identifying potential synergies to enhance overall corporate profitability.

Strategic Planning

PSS helps clients identify innovative opportunities for enhanced revenues and market expansion leveraging insights from competitor firms as well as non-healthcare related firms, creating new ways to view and evaluate a client's business. This process helps to assess where to focus, how to allocate resources and how prioritize efforts.

Industry Dynamics

PSS assists clients in identifying industry dynamics based on competitive or environmental factors that could affect their client's businesses. PSS then assesses the likelihood of each environment issue and determines appropriate response models based on current capabilities and financial impact of the competitive or environmental factors.

Corporate Development

Due Diligence

PSS provides clients with an independent third party to assess the viability of specific target companies for mergers or acquisitions. PSS leverages its vast number of industry experts and forward looking valuation process to identify and evaluate key sources of value within a company.

Growth Strategies

PSS assists clients in creating a comprehensive growth strategy encompassing mergers & acquisitions, new product development, current product extension and strategic partnerships & alliances. PSS leverages a rigorous qualitative and quantitative methodology to prioritize potential expansion initiatives based on their relative impact on a client's profitability.


PSS works with clients to determine the potential benefits of divesting parts of their portfolios which could include: focus on core businesses, remove potential business risks or reshape overall company marketing message. PSS helps to build exit strategies that maximize the value of a divested business by developing a compelling value proposition for potential buyers.

Sales and Marketing

Customer Insights

PSS develops data-driven primary and secondary market research techniques that complement existing client research and understanding to uncover strategic insights. PSS then works to create actionable recommendations that will result increased sales or retention of clients.

Customer Loyalty

PSS works with clients to understand the changes in customer migration and how to deal with a constantly changing competitive environment. PSS utilizes analytical research approaches to identify key drivers for downward customer migration as well as segment portions of the customer base that offer the highest value. PSS provides clients with recommended programs and approaches that will serve to increase customer loyalty and profitability.

Brand Management

PSS helps clients manage their brand through identifying the optimal products or services as well as optimal company marketing message that would maximize the value of the franchise based on its competitive advantages. PSS leverages quantitative and qualitative primary research to determine programs and marketing spends most efficient to enhance its client's current brand value.


PSS assists clients in determining the optimal pricing for products and services through rigorous analytical methodologies that tests pricing sensitivities across multiple customer segments. PSS then provides its clients with assessments and recommendations based on the financial impact of the pricing strategies.

Marketing Strategy

PSS works with clients to create marketing strategies to maximize overall sales through targeting highest opportunity customer segments, enhancing and reinforcing brand image and allocating marketing spends and resources. PSS helps clients to prioritize improvement programs and overall marketing strategies using data-driven primary and secondary market research.

Salesforce Management

PSS assists clients to develop strategic and tactical approaches to optimize sales forces efforts and marketing organizations. PSS aids clients in understanding the customer needs and current organizational capabilities that will drive the most profitable approach. PSS utilizes quantitative and qualitative analysis to determine the multiple customer segments and other influential factors in the decision making process.

Data and Analytics

Primary Market Research

PSS leverages the capabilities of its affiliate, PSS Research LLC ( to help clients by executing quantitative and qualitative methods to deliver primary market research to aid in decisions making and performance measurement. PSS utilizes a full breadth of surveys, focus groups and interviews to develop key client insights.

Database Management and Enhancement

PSS works with clients to improve their current databases by understanding the capabilities and limitations of current processes. PSS provides recommendations for a specific enhancements as well as potential third party databases to augment internal data.

Performance Metrics

PSS helps senior management in developing, calculating and evaluating performance measurements that are important in the decision making process. Often times, PSS will assist in the implementation of an internal process to streamline on-going evaluation.


Generic Competition

PSS helps pharmaceutical/life sciences clients in responding to potential generic competition with a number of alternative strategies to maximize future revenues. PSS leverages insights from multiple "at-risk" launches (before final court decision related to patent validity) of drugs to assess the likelihood of an "at-risk" launch. Additionally, PSS and its industry experts have in-depth experience in prioritizing and executing a number of response models based on the circumstances surrounding the generic competition.

Lifecycle Management Strategies

PSS has developed significant experience developing life cycle management strategies. PSS brings its clients a unique strategic approach to creating and managing client's product-related intellectual capital. Life cycle management strategies are designed to help improve client's product development processes and its ability to use product-related information to make better business decisions and maximize the value of client's pharmaceutical assets. PSS leverages its significant experience in all aspects of pharmaceutical marketing, including new product planning, commercial strategy development, brand planning, pharmaceutical product launch, product growth maximization and portfolio strategy.

ROI Measurement for Marketing Campaigns

PSS works with pharmaceutical/life sciences clients to deliver ROI calculations for direct-to-consumer advertising campaigns based on quantitative and qualitative data-driven research. PSS' findings help to determine specific customer segments, where the direct-to-consumer campaign was most effective. The ROI calculations help clients to make on-going and future decisions for marketing expenditures. PSS provides a rigorous, repeatable process that client utilize across multiple direct-to-consumer advertising campaigns. Additionally, PSS provides similar services for direct-to-consumer campaigns targeting the unacculturated Hispanics or other ethnic groups.

Physician-to-Group Practice Affiliation Analytics

PSS' proprietary set of solutions produce physician-to-group practice affiliation analytics help clients improve their understanding of prescribing dynamics and identify opportunities to improve the allocation of resources and promotional activities. PSS combines client data with data from uses a combination of traditional prescription tracking data, medical claims data, and proprietary market research to develop group practice indices to develops indices with sophisticated statistical techniques and delivers technology that leverages these indices to support business unit plans and call reporting plans