Private Equity

With PSS, you receive the strategy and consulting support you need to achieve your business goals.

c-industries-10-private-equityWe have helped to increase the value of portfolio companies for some of the leading private equity investors. In addition to traditional financial engineering and cost reductions, we help to develop and implement programs for growth, create roll-up/expansion strategies, guide strategic divestitures, and bolster organizational capabilities.

Our experience includes the ability to provide in-depth, objective, and data-driven analyses, strategic planning and implementation, customer segmentation, and organizational alignment. We have worked with a number of businesses in the private equity sector to achieve more successful and efficient processes, strategies, and operations.

Each project is structured to meet each client’s specific needs, but our key capabilities include the following:

Commercial Due Diligence

We work with investors to quantify market opportunities, as well as to identify and evaluate risks from competitors and emerging technologies. We provide our clients with objective, data-driven analyses of market dynamics. These analyses are based on in-depth interviews with customers and competitors and on the synthesis of all available data to create financial models that reflect the likely scenarios.

Portfolio Company Value Enhancement

We work with many investors’ portfolio companies to help refine current strategies and to accelerate growth. Many of these projects include improving the segmentation of key customers, improving pricing strategy, enhancing current sales processes, streamlining current business processes, and rationalizing sourcing, manufacturing and support operations.

Organizational Changes to Meet Client Needs

We help portfolio companies change their current organizational structure to successfully execute the go-forward operational strategy. Depending on the stage of the company, this may involve improving their ability to commercialize R&D innovations, to implement a comprehensive sales process, to protect their intellectual property, and/or to meet the unique needs of both established clients and potential new clients in targeted segments.

Post-Deal Integration

We have worked with portfolio companies of several investors to plan and implement an expedited integration process. Working closely with company management, we align the original investment thesis, the operational strategy, and the tactical implementation plans. For bolt-on acquisitions to an existing platform company, we can draw upon extensive post-merger integration experience to speed integration.

We work with a wide range of clients, including:

  • Private Equity
  • Corporate Disposition
  • Buy-out
  • Venture Capital